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"Beyond The Lights: Christian Petracca" was an exciting video production project that aimed to connect premium brands, showcase AFL player Christian Petracca's passion for cooking, and boost partnerships. Collaborating with MKTG Australia, Melbourne Football Club, Melbourne Cricket Club (MCC), and Jaguar, our goal was to create a captivating and engaging video that resonated with modern online audiences.

Christian Petracca Interview

Project Description

The central theme of "Beyond The Lights: Christian Petracca" revolved around showcasing Christian Petracca's love for cooking, with the Jaguar car playing a significant role at the beginning of the video. The aim was to create a premium and engaging piece of content that highlighted the seamless connection between the player, the car, and his culinary expertise. The project's overarching objective was to build brand awareness and foster strong partnerships among the involved organisations.

Pre-Production Process

  1. Initial Concept and Ideation: The pre-production process began with collaborative brainstorming sessions involving your team at Motion Mavericks, MKTG Australia's Creative Director, and representatives from Melbourne Football Club and Jaguar. The goal was to conceptualie a video that seamlessly connected Christian Petracca's passion for cooking with the premium Jaguar car.
  2. Creative Direction and Storyboarding: Based on the concept, MKTG Australia's Creative Director led the creative direction, outlining the overall narrative and desired visual style. Storyboarding sessions were conducted to visualise the sequence of events, camera angles, and transitions, providing a roadmap for the shoot.
  3. Camera and Equipment Setup: As experts in video production, Motion Mavericks meticulously selected high-quality cameras and lenses to achieve a premium look. Rigorous camera tests were conducted to ensure the equipment met the project's technical requirements.
Melbourne Cricket Ground

During Production

  1. On-Set Coordination: During the shoot, Motion Mavericks provided production assistance, coordinating with MKTG Australia's Creative Director to execute the vision seamlessly. The team played a crucial role in capturing each scene with precision and attention to detail.
  2. Collaboration with Collaborators: Motion Mavericks actively collaborated with Christian Petracca, Markus Werner, and the crew from MKTG Australia, Melbourne Football Club, and Jaguar. This collaboration facilitated real-time adjustments, ensuring that the video's narrative and creative elements aligned with the original vision.
  3. Integration of the Jaguar Car: One of the key challenges in the production process was integrating the Jaguar car into the narrative. The team at Motion Mavericks ensured that the car's appearance felt organic and purposeful, providing a seamless connection to the video's overall theme.
Christian Petracca Smiling

Post-Production Process

  1. Editing and Narrative Refinement: After the shoot, Motion Mavericks took charge of the post-production process. The extensive raw footage was meticulously reviewed, and the most engaging and emotive shots were selected to create a coherent narrative. Iterative editing was conducted to refine the storyline and ensure it aligned with the project's objectives.
  2. Colour Grading and Visual Enhancement: Our team applied professional colour grading techniques to enhance the video's visual appeal, giving it a polished and premium look. This step ensured that the video maintained a consistent aesthetic, complementing the premium brand image of Jaguar.
  3. Audio and Music Selection: The audio played a significant role in the video's impact. Motion Mavericks carefully selected suitable music tracks to underscore the modern and sophisticated tone of the video. Sound design and audio mixing were conducted to ensure optimal audio quality.
  4. Title and Graphic Design: Motion Mavericks designed visually appealing titles and graphics, considering various screen sizes, including large televisions and mobile devices. The graphic elements seamlessly integrated into the video, enhancing the viewing experience.
  5. Feedback and Iterative Review: Throughout the post-production process, regular feedback loops were established with MKTG Australia's Creative Director, allowing for iterative review and refinement. This collaborative approach ensured that the final product met the highest standards of quality.
Christian Petracca In The Kitchen

Results and Success

The project achieved unparalleled success, delivering a high-quality, engaging, and impactful video. The collaboration among premium brands, Christian Petracca's talent, and the dynamic cooking show segment featuring head chef Markus Werner resonated with the target audience, effectively building brand awareness and strengthening partnerships.


"Beyond The Lights: Christian Petracca" exemplified the power of collaboration and thoughtful execution in video production. By following a structured process, communicating effectively, and paying meticulous attention to creative elements, the project resulted in a captivating and impactful video. This successful endeavor serves as a foundation for future projects, where we will continue to create exceptional video content that leaves a lasting impression on our audience.

Christian petracca In The Kitchen shaking hands with a chef