The Wallabies Defenders In Training



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Project Description

The objective of the project was to create three short videos that demonstrated the connection between The Wallabies rugby team and Land Rover's Defender vehicles. The videos were intended for posting on Jeep Land Rover and The Wallabies social media platforms in Australia.

Collaboration Details

The project involved collaboration between the The Wallabies, Jeep Land Rover, MKTG Australia and Motion Mavericks.

Research and Planning

MKTG Australia conducted research and planning for the project, working closely with the client and Motion Mavericks. They gathered insights on the Wallabies team, the Land Rover defender vehicle, and the target audience. This research informed the overall creative concept and direction of the videos.

Scope and Deliverables

The specific tasks included capturing raw footage of Wallabies players in action and collaborating with Motion Mavericks to transform the footage into three engaging videos. Motion Mavericks brought their expertise in editing, audio mixing, and colour grading to enhance the visual and auditory aspects of the videos.

Australian Wallabies Rugby Players in a car

Creative Elements

Motion Mavericks played a crucial role in the creative process by providing guidance on the overall visual style, pacing, and storytelling techniques. They carefully selected and incorporated dynamic shots, ensuring that the videos captured the energy and spirit of both The Wallabies team and the Land Rover Defender vehicle.


The editing process involved close collaboration between MKTG Australia and Motion Mavericks. Regular communication and feedback sessions allowed for seamless integration of creative ideas and adjustments. Motion Mavericks meticulously crafted the videos, ensuring a balance between captivating storytelling, engaging visuals, and compelling audio. They employed advanced editing techniques to enhance the footage, creating a cohesive narrative that showcased the seamless partnership between the The Wallabies and Jeep Land Rover.


Editing videos for high-profile clients with specific branding requirements can pose challenges. However, through effective communication and a shared vision, MKTG Australia and Motion Mavericks successfully overcame these challenges. Adhering to consistent styling and maintaining the desired tone and message across all three videos required careful attention to detail and a meticulous approach.

Results and Success

The project was successfully delivered on time, and the final videos exceeded expectations. The collaboration between The Wallabies, Jeep Land Rover, MKTG Australia, and Motion Mavericks resulted in three visually stunning and engaging videos. The videos were widely shared on social media platforms, generating positive feedback from both fans of the Wallabies and enthusiasts of Land Rover vehicles. The project successfully achieved its objective of showcasing the partnership between the Wallabies, Land Rover, and Jeep while providing valuable and entertaining content to the target audience.

Collaborator Contributions

MKTG Australia provided client-side communications, research, and planning expertise, ensuring the project aligned with the client's goals and brand image. Motion Mavericks, with their editing and creative expertise, elevated the videos to a professional standard, bringing the vision to life. Their technical skills in editing, audio mixing, and colour grading added depth and impact to the videos, creating an immersive viewing experience.


"The Wallabies Defenders In Training" project was a successful collaboration between The Wallabies, Jeep Land Rover, MKTG Australia, and Motion Mavericks. Through meticulous editing, audio mixing, and colour grading, Motion Mavericks transformed raw footage.