Beyond the Lights - Christian Petracca

by Motion Mavericks

22 July 2023

Christian Petracca In The Kitchen

Christian Petracca is a star in the world of AFL. He is a two-time All-Australian, a Brownlow Medallist, and a premiership player. But what's it like to be Christian Petracca off the field?


Beyond The Lights Title

Motion Mavericks collaborated with MKTG Sports & Entertainment to answer this question. The video we worked on explores Petracca's love of cooking and his relationship with the Head Chef of the Melbourne Cricket Club.

MKTG Sports & Entertainment led the project and provided creative direction, client interaction, and logistics. Motion Mavericks was responsible for the production of the video.

The video is raw and honest, and it gives viewers a glimpse into the real Christian Petracca. We see him cooking up a storm in the kitchen, but we also see him interacting with the Head Chef and learning from him. We see him laughing, but we also see him reflecting on his career and how cooking plays a vital role in his success.

Christian Petracca

Beyond the Lights is a fun and engaging portrait of a young man who is both a sporting superstar and a regular person. It's a reminder that even the most successful people have their own passions and interests.

The project has been a huge success and been praised for its honesty and authenticity in bring premium brands together in a new and engaging way.

If you're a fan of Christian Petracca or the AFL, then you'll definitely want to check out Beyond the Lights. It's a must-watch for anyone who wants an insight about the man behind the football legend.

Here are some additional details about the project:

- Motion Mavericks provided video production services via MKTG Australia.
- The project was filmed on location at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) and features Petracca and the Head Chef of the Melbourne Cricket Club.
- Subtle yet meaningful integration highlighting Jaguar as a major sponsor of Melbourne Football Club.
- Final delivery was posted across the Melbourne Demons social media assets and their official AFL website.

We would like to thank our friends at MKTG Sports & Entertainment for their openness and willingness to engage Motion Mavericks to deliver this video production.

We set out to help answer the question of what it's like to be Christian Petracca off the field, and we believe that we have achieved that goal. We hope that you enjoy the video and that it gives you a better understanding of the man behind the football legend.

Food being cut up with a knife and fork